The Bravest Lion


We all want to be brave. What if we already are? The Bravest Lion is a reassuring story for little ones (or not-so-little ones) about confronting common childhood fears and how to find the brave lion inside, who has been there all along.

Embark on a meaningful story about bravery as you follow along with a girl who finds the courage to be herself through daily struggles and challenges. Written by author Kristen Griffin for children up to 7 years old. This book will capture their attention for an educational experience they’ll carry long after their childhood years are gone, regardless of their background. Give them a book they can see themselves in with brilliant illustrations by Abbey Bryant!



The Bravest Lion is the perfect pick-me-up for when your child is feeling low or simply dealing with everyday doubts. Growing up isn´t easy and children can often feel afraid, alone, or even ashamed of who they are. No child or adult should feel this way, which is why it is vital to fill them with self-love, positivity, and most importantly reassurance from a young age. That´s exactly what Kristen Griffin´s The Braves Lion will do. From start to finish, this book is adorable, inspiring, and joyful. The illustrations by the talented Abbey Bryant will catch the eye of any child. I honestly can´t recommend The Bravest Lion enough and urge any parent/teacher to purchase a copy. I want to wish both Kristen and Abbey all the best in their creative journeys, as they make a great team. Keep up good work. I can´t wait to see more!


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